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*Gel Nails  Manicure or Pedicure $45
123’s Nail Enchancements $80
Removal $10
123’s  Gel nail enhancements  $85

*Gel is a long lasting strengthening gel overlay applied to your natural nails.

Tropical Paradise Pedicure

60 minutes


Starts with the ritual of cleansing with coconut milk. An exfoliation followed with the sugar rub that gives a manual as well as natural occurring AHA action. Your feet and lower legs are then massaged with exotic nut oil, before a rich mask of coconut butter is applied to your feet and wrapped in warm towels to soften the skin and revive tired feet. Followed by a shellac paint of choice. 

Tropical Paradise Manicure

60 minutes


Pamper your hands with this essential manicure from the pristine Isles of Fiji. A coconut milk soak will soften and prepare your hands for a sugar rub which will gently but thoroughly remove dead skin cells, infused with extra virgin coconut oil. Exotic coconut butter is then massaged into your hands and cuticles to nourish and revive tired skin. Awaken to smooth silky hands finished with a polish of your choice.

We are a very proud “Sustainable Salon” and with every serivce there will be an additional $3 added that helps its salon members reduce their impact on the on our planet and invests in local communties. Please visit Sustainable Salon to find out more.

Curtis by Victoria 


Mineral Make-up Collection

Curtis by Victoria 


Mineral Make-Up Collection

Make-up Application $95
Make-up Lesson $110

Meet your perfect match. Be photo ready for your special occasion. Curtis by Victoria is an boutique make-up range specialising in skin treatment make-up and mineral make-up, with a total focus on skin health. There products are bursting with clinical grade vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, botanicals, proteins, collagen and has been lovingly created to transform your complexion.

Enjoy treating your skin on your special day to sophisticated treatment make-up and minerals. Our long lasting mineral makeup range is designed to create a beautiful glow and is an extension for any skincare allowing your skin to breathe. 

Animal cruelty free.

We Love Our



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